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Complaint Information Sheet

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your situation is an imminent safety hazard emergency call 911 or your local police agency.

The Office of the Mobilehome Ombudsman (Ombudsman) was established to assist the public with questions or problems associated with the various aspects of Manufactured Home (Mobilehome) living. The Ombudsman also assists with problems or questions relative to Employee Housing. Some of the issues the Ombudsman provides assistance with are listed below. Although the Ombudsman will answer questions and take complaints regarding the Mobilehome Residency Law, the Ombudsman is NOT empowered to enforce its provisions, or to arbitrate, mediate, negotiate, or provide legal advice on mobilehome park rent disputes, lease or rental agreements, or disputes arising from lease or rental agreements. These issues must be resolved through the civil courts.

Park Operations Park Maintenance Alterations Accessory Structures Mobilehome Residency Law
Advertising Illegal Sales/Alterations Escrows Non-Receipt of Title Contracts
Fraud/Misrepresentation Unlicensed Activity Warranty Problems    
Unsafe Drinking Water Sanitation Substandard Conditions Overcrowding Light, Heat and Ventilation

If you have a housing complaint, related to one of the three foregoing lists, you may request assistance from the Ombudsman by completing and returning one or more of the appropriate form(s). The MOBILEHOME PARK COMPLAINT, MANUFACTURED HOME SALE COMPLAINT and EMPLOYEE HOUSING COMPLAINT forms were designed to provide information needed by the Ombudsman to assist in resolving your problem. Please read and follow the instructions carefully, and provide all requested information. For additional assistance with Mobilehome Park or Manufactured Home sale complaints, please call the Ombudsman's toll-free number, 800-952-5275. For Employee Housing complaints, please call the toll-free number, 866-784-6427.

Ombudsman Enforcement Authority

Alleged violations of the Mobilehome Parks Act (MPA) will be referred to the appropriate enforcement authority for investigation. Although some parks are under the enforcement jurisdiction of the Department of Housing and Community Development(Department), many parks are under local city or county jurisdiction. If an investigation reveals violations of the MPA, the responsible party (park operator or resident) will be issued a correction order. Failure to comply with this order may result in a referral to the appropriate District Attorney for misdemeanor prosecution.

Suspected violations of the Employee Housing Act (EHA) are forwarded to the enforcement agency responsible for enforcing the EHA. The Department enforces the EHA in most of California's cities and counties, however there are cities and counties that have elected to enforce the EHA in their jurisdictions. If an investigation reveals a violation of the EHA, the operator of the facility is issued a correction order. Failure to comply with correction orders may result in fines and/or civil penalties.

The Ombudsman does not have enforcement authority for the Mobilehome Residency Law, except for a few sections involving Manufactured Home dealers and salespersons. Requests for assistance alleging violations of Mobilehome Residency Law may be referred to the park operator for voluntary compliance. If there is no response from the park operator within 30 days, these complaints will be closed with no further action.

For complaints involving the sale of a Manufactured Home, the law provides that if the Ombudsman's investigation of your problem reveals violations of laws or regulations within this Department's enforcement jurisdiction by a manufacturer, dealer or salesperson, disciplinary action, such as license revocation or suspension may be taken. However, not all violations warrant such actions and a warning letter or civil citation may be issued to the licensee, which identifies the violation(s) and warns that recurrence will result in license disciplinary action.

If the investigation of a sale between private parties reveals pre-existing violations, this Department may request the responsible party to take corrective action. If compliance is not obtained, you may wish to pursue a civil action and/or the matter may be referred to the appropriate District Attorney for possible prosecution.

Not all Mobilehome Park, Manufactured Home sale or Employee Housing complaints are resolved by the Ombudsman. In addition to requesting assistance from the Ombudsman, you may wish to concurrently pursue a civil action or, in extreme cases, pursue a criminal action.


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